We bring
ideas to life.

Our Creative Process
Bringing an idea to life is a fine art.
Our 3-step process is designed to help you express your vision, move past your fears, build your idea and attract an audience that is willing to buy what you create.

1. Create
We believe that the only way to get to your destination quickly is with a map.

Our signature Brand Create sessions are designed to help you get absolute clarity on every aspect of your idea. It's an intensive 1-1 workshop that involves Vision Mapping, Brainstorming and Brand Strategy.

At the end of the session you will get your own Brand Strategy Playbook. The Brand Strategy Playbook is your detailed roadmap and action plan designed to set you up for long-term success.

2. Build
Our build phase is where we take action.

We will build your website or app using simple Code Free tools. Our method means we can cut your costs and time to launch by more than 60%.

The build phase is designed to ensure the final product is built exactly as you see it in your head. You are included at every step of the build phase. So your creation comes to life with minimal fuss & zero technical jargon.

The entire process is built specifically for makers, creators and founders with no technical expertise. We build exactly what you want to create and make it easy for you to manage the end product.

3. Launch
Launching a new venture is probably the scariest part of the entire process. But don't worry we have this covered as well.

Our team of launch specialists will create a unique marketing and growth hacking plan to ensure you maximise your product launch. Each plan covers the best social media, advertising and content strategy for your brand.

Best of all you get access to our unique Audience First Method that virtually guarantees you success on your first launch.
Why Code Free?
No developers needed.
Conventional wisdom says that if you don't have a technical background, you need a developer to build your online project. This is usually expensive and often takes time.

Communicating your vision with a technical person can also be difficult. In the end it can be a frustrating process with no guarantees that you'll get what you want.
It's hassle free.
We we know because we have been there, done it. After years of looking for a technical co-founder and dealing with multiple developers.

CodeFree Labs was built out of our own personal frustrations. That's why we work exclusively with non-tech founder, makers, and creators who want to get things done online. We make super simple to bring your ideas to life.
You get what you want.
We build without code (a.k.a code free) using tools that allow us to translate your ideas into reality. It makes it quicker and easier to get what you want.

We communicate in your language so we are always on the same page. Our process is extremely resourceful and efficient so your budget goes a long way.
You get an interactive, easy-to-use website or app that is easy to manage.